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About Us

Founded in 2004, Grupo Sur holding company set out to establish a name for itself in the U.S. ethnic food service industry through the consolidation of companies within food manufacturing. With the growing immigrant population and increasing penetration of imported goods, their objective is to provide a new selection of foods that satisfy the ever-changing, demanding American pallet.

Grupo Sur has three lines of business:

(i)Latin/Hispanic pastries of Cuban origin – sweet and savory pastries. These pastries are sold frozen, ready-to-bake.

Flavors/Pastry Types include: Sweet - guava, guava & cheese, cheese, coconut, apple, dulce de leche and pineapple; Savory - beef/meat, spinach and ricotta.

(ii) Latin/Hispanic Bread of Latin American Origin Cuban Bread, Cuban Sweet Bread Rolls, "Sobado". These breads are sold frozen, ready-to-bake as well as par-baked.

(iii) Flavors/Pita Types include white and whole wheat. Both are available in several sizes – ie: 6" 7" and 8" diameter, 6" diameter special and 6" diameter large. These breads are sold fresh and ready-to-heat/ready-to-use.

Grupo Sur works with an extensive national network of distributors that include Sysco, Cheney Brothers, Gordon Food Service & US Food Services.

In addition to their national distributors, their also enlist local distributors for use/coverage in Florida and the US southeast region.

The far-reaching business savvy and market experience amongst the principle partners at Grupo Sur drive the growth and value proposition of the company. With international business networks and industry knowledge in Europe, Latin America and the US, they continue to search for new products to enrich their portfolio and that create new opportunities for our customers.

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