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Pita Bread (pitta or pide):

Round, brown, double layered, yeasted, wheat flat bread. Originally, it was cooked in ashes or brick oven.

It is indigenous to many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. The word originally refer to pie, cake or bread.


Cuban Bread:

Golden light crusted, fluffy in the center, yeasted, white flour bread. Widely used to make most populars Cuban Sandwich or Tostadas.

It is believed that it was first made in the USA at La Joven Francesca Bakery located in Ybor City, Tampa.


Pastry/Puff dough:

Flaky, light and airy dough. According to old Spanish cook books, the word pastry refers to puff dough and may have Arabian origin (bstila o pastela).

The puff dough is obtained by superposing fine layers of dough and butter. The word Pastel (pastry in Spanish) also meansparty in some Spanish speaking countries.


Guayaba (Psidium):

Refers to a group of over 100 tropical bush and trees indigenous to the Caribbean and North and Central America.

The pear-shaped fruit has a white or pink creamy pulp rich in vitamins A, B and C.


Guava Pastry:

Delicate, rectangular, flaky, brownish puff pastry filled with Guava pulp.

For some Spanish cultures, the guava pastry is equivalent to the Christian bread, the Japanese rice or the Jewish-Greek baklava.


Passion fruit/Maracuya (Passifloira Edulis):

Indigenous to the Amazons, this fruit grows in the wild.

It is round in shape with a hard thick skin. The meat of the fruit is pressed to produce a thick, sugary pulp. It is high in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.



Tndigenous to the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean, it is now harvested in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa. There are numerous types of coconut plants.

It is a round fruit with a white pulp in the center. The pulp is filled with a sugary water high in folic acid, potassium, and vitamins E and C.